Mint innovation

‘We were looking for a creative agency to help us to visually communicate convey the benefits of our novel technology. The Mohawk team understand a technical brief and got the story we were trying to tell. We worked together to produce several high-quality infographics and a 3D animation that have become really productive assets for us. I was personally involved in the creative process, which was all done remotely with the help of some easy to use review software. I would highly recommend them, especially for any scientific or technical content.’
Mint Logo
Thomas Hansen
Commercial Lead, Mint Innovation

Mint Innovation is an Auckland based biotech science company that has developed an innovative approach to recycling electronic waste, harnessing specialist microbes and bio-metallurgical technology.

Mint Innovation required an infographics package for marketing to new customers and investors, showcasing the opportunities and benefits of their innovative new process and technology.

The purpose was to promote the financial and ecological benefits to waste aggregators, sign-up new customers, plus create interest and raise funding for growth from investors.  The challenge was to clearly show the unique bio-refinery process of turning e-waste into gold.

Mohawk Media designed a series of infographics for use on the website, in presentations, and in funding applications, along with a 3D animation showing ‘A look inside the Mint Innovation Biorefinery Process.’

The 3D animation shows the process of providing a green circular economy solution to e-waste from computers and mobile phones, enabling the recovery of valuable metals such as gold, palladium and copper near the point of collection. 

The individual graphical elements were also delivered as a library of assets for re-use in investor documents, pitch packs and presentations.

Mint Innovation was announced as one of 17 exciting circular economy businesses to be invited to join The Circulars Accelerator, a World Economic Forum programme, which used clips from the 3D animation to promote the accelerator globally.