Did You Know? Alcohol and Drugs

“Mohawk Media worked with us to simplify and target our messages, and made the design process so easy to understand. Their flexibility, networks, and creativity were crucial to ensure the project was a success – not just in completion of the first project, but helping us to further grow and develop the products.”
AOD Provider Collaborative

The brief was to develop a series of communication resources to support families, teachers, youth, health and social service professionals when talking with young people about alcohol and other drugs. 

Mohawk Media worked with health professionals and youth workers at AOD Collaborative and NZ Drug Foundation to condense key facts and feedback into scripts. It was important to add science into the storytelling= by covering the physiological and emotional effects (both positive and negative) of substance use.

The concept behind Did You Know? is Watch – Ask Questions – Listen. The goal is to support young people to make informed choices about substance use, learn about harm reduction and how to ‘Always look out for your mates’.

The series has been described as “the ‘go-to guides’ for drugs awareness in New Zealand” by AOD youth workers and is hosted by the New Zealand Drug Foundation at Did You Know? 

Since the launch of the Did You Know? campaign in 2017, Mohawk Media has produced animations covering alcohol, cannabis, solvents, synthetics, methamphetamine and soon, MDMA. 

The resources have evolved into a suite of materials in English, Te Reo Māori, Tongan, Samoan and Chinese including:

      • A conversation planner to prepare open questions, support watching the animations and listening to a young person’s views or questions.
      • “A guide to conversations with young people about drugs and alcohol” booklet and infographic poster for schools or health professionals.
      • What Can I do? – Animation and infographic overview of all the resources available for anyone wanting to support young people in their community

The Did You Know? series was commissioned and directed by the AOD Provider Collaborative (supported by Odyssey) and by the New Zealand Drug Foundation. What Can I Do? was produced in association with Werry Workforce | Whāraurau and Achieving at Waitakere Trust.