Mohawk Media produces elearning packages that can hosted on a Learning Management System (LMS) with interactive animations, infographics and quizzes to test comprehension. Go beyond the workshop and allow people to study at their own pace, in their own time and space for training and professional development.

Instructional Design

eLearning Production

Interactive Modules

Blended Learning

New Zealand Defence Force

The New Zealand Defence Force required a series of elearning modules for replacing workshop based training for key software systems with self-directed remote learning.

Mohawk Media created Captivate modules with interactive video simulations and quizzes for comprehension to be hosted on an in-house LMS, to train a distributed workforce of up to 14,000 members.

NZDF Module 1
NZ Defence Force eLearning
IDR101 EdX elearning
Victoria University Wellington eLearning

climate change Disputes

Wellington Uni-Professional at Victoria University of Wellington required an elearning course on  International Dispute Resolution around Climate Change for Small States such as Africa and the Pacific. Mohawk Media created a series of 12 modules with video presentations, transcripts, graphical overlays, Q&As and reading to be hosted on the Open edX LMS. 

Open Minds

The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand required an elearning platform to support the Open Minds workshop programme, to equip managers with the confidence and skills to talk about mental health in the workplace. Mohawk Media created three modules using H5P interactive content with quizzes at LearnMHF, hosted on a LearnDash LMS.

Open Minds Elearning
Open Minds eLearning - Mental Health Foundation
Toah Nnest
TOAH-NNEST eLearning


TOAH-NNEST required a social learning community with elearning content and forums, to support development of Tauiwi Specialist services for survivors of sexual violence. Mohawk Media provided content consultancy and training in video production for creating online presentations for TOAH-NNEST  – Connect – Share – Learn hosted on a LearnDash LMS.

Western Bay of PLenty PHO

The Western Bay of Plenty Primary Health Organisation required an online training module for healthcare professionals to support Conversations about Weight ManagementMohawk Media developed a package of animated videos, and a Comprehensive Assessment Tool to use with patients, hosted on an elearning mini-site connected to the Health Navigator website from the Ministry of Health.

Bop elearning
Healthcare eLearning