Pixel Heads v Talking Heads

Why Animation?

Mohawk Media

Animation is cost effective to produce. There’s no on-location shoots or crew to manage. Every pixel has a purpose, and animation is easy to update or remix into an infographic or new language. Animation is universal and engages you on a personal level.

“with talking head videos, the story is about them but with animation, the story is about YOU!”

Scott Adams, Dilbert

Animation is more effective. In a UK study comparing animation to a ‘talking head video’, participants found the animation 33% more entertaining, were 66% more likely to share, and reported a 15% increase in retention of factual information. (Professor Richard Wiseman, 2012).

Animation makes you smarter. It’s the perfect way to make complex subjects engaging, simple, and easy to understand while increasing attention and memory. A New Zealand study showed that animation is the the most efficient method for consuming information, by engaging three different learning modes simultaneously in the brain. (Lincoln University).

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