Safehouses for Kids

Women’s Refuge required a short, engaging animation to play to kids when they arrive at a Refuge. The challenge was to make them feel welcomed, and demystify the purpose of Refuge for kids. The aim was to give a really brief, enthusiastic introduction to the ‘rules’ or concepts that are used throughout their stay.

The key audience is kids aged between 8 – 12 years old arriving in a safe house with their Mums. Research from the target audience has showed that ‘action figure’ type scenarios appealed to this age group.

The creative concept is based around two superhero kids and their Mum crash-landing at a safe house, which is a place they can rest and recharge their superpowers. The style is bold, modern and like a kids TV show to engage with a younger audience.

The characters had to reflect the diversity and demographics of the key audience. With kids drawings from Refuges in the artwork and a subtle funders reference.

The animation in English & Te Reo Māori uses young bilingual voices.  With comic strip posters in a booklet and colouring in sheets to give kids when they arrive at a Refuge.