The school network is part of New Zealand’s education system. It includes every New Zealand school. All young New Zealanders are entitled to go to their local school. The network needs to be balanced so there are places for local kids at their local schools.

The Ministry of Education approached Mohawk Media to produce a series of animations to inform parents, caregivers, families and whānau. These cover the structure of the New Zealand school network, with an explanation of how it responds to change, how decisions are made and how Enrolment Schemes fit in. 

The brief was to address public perceptions with context and reality using simple facts and figures to show change, cause and effect. Also to point parents, caregivers & whānau at ways to have a say when changes are proposed.

To reflect the diversity of Kiwi kids and communities Mohawk Media designed characters using stick figures, simple line drawings and bold colours, to create a recognisably Kiwi environment that can be expanded on for future stories. The animations were produced with English & Te Reo Māori voiceover and on-screen subtitles for accessibility.